Is Your Event a Friend or Fundraiser

event in tent

You don’t have to look very far to find an event.  Events are happening every day and everywhere; whether it’s a wedding, fundraising walk, business grand opening or even a birthday party, there is always something happening around events.  A very important thing to establish when planning an event, is the purpose of the event.  Are you hoping to raise a lot of money for a cause or an organization, is the event being held to celebrate a significant anniversary or is the purpose to engage potential customers or clients for  your business or LoL organization?

It is important to establish the purpose of the event very early on in the event planning stage especially if you are working with a team of people.  Many of the events I do are large fundraising events.  Agreement must be reached as to whether the  event is a friendraiser or a fundraiser.   Friendraisers are equally important if your goal is to engage new or existing clients.   You can create small to large events with great food, entertainment, etc. where guests will come to learn more about your online gaming business or organization and what your values, mission and vision are.

If your goal is to raise money for your organization however, it is really important that everyone involved is clear on this from the start.  I have been involved with some very large events where certain volunteers seem to be more interested in the event decor than in any aspect of producing revenue for the organization.  There are so many sources of revenue for events and everyone has a contact that can be tapped into for auction items, sponsorship or friends/associates who may wish to attend an event.  I once organized an event where one of the volunteers didn’t want me to have a live auction because she didn’t think her friends would like it.  In this case, I compromised and included a small live auction towards league of legends the end of the evening which was very successful.  This event was clearly presented as a fundraiser and the executive director and I agreed that it was important that everything be done to maximize revenue.

Ultimately if your goal is to raise significant funds from your event, it is important that revenue goals be a priority for everyone involved in planning the event. During the initial meeting, goals should be set for:

  • Overall revenue
  • Ticket sales
  • sponsorship
  • liquor sales
  • silent/live auction
  • Donations at event

Events can be a lot of work so at the end of the day if you have created a beautiful looking event but you haven’t raised significant funds, then the event will not have been successful and everyone will feel exhausted without a sense of accomplishment.   A successful gaming event will leave everyone feeling satisfied and looking forward to next year’s event, knowing that fundraising goals were met or exceeded and that the organization is able to create impact with the funds raised.

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